Viper Kit - More Details


Unleash unparalleled communication capabilities with our exclusive bundle and save offer, providing up to 15% off on premium N•ear products. The Viper Kit allows you to convert your earpiece experience with our Existing Earpiece Adaptor and the N•ear 360™ Original Earpiece. 


  • N•ear 360™ Original Earpiece: 
    • Designed by Denmark's leading in-ear audio experts. 
    • Trusted by high-performance security teams globally. 
    • Discreet and imperceptible yet delivers amazing sound quality. 
    • Unparalleled 360° situational awareness. 
    • Patented bend for in-ear stability and zero ear fatigue. 
    • Stays comfortably in place for extended wear. 
    • Ear-specific fit. 

  • Acoustic Tube Adaptor: 
    • Unplug the line that goes into the speaker on your existing earpiece kit. 
    • Plug the unplugged line into the two holes on this adaptor. 
    • Connect your N•ear 360 earpiece with the 3.5mm connector to the other side of the adapter.