N•ear 360™ Flexo Dynamic 2-Wire Surveillance Kit - More Details


Introducing the Surveillance Kit featuring the N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic Earpiece and 2-Wire Braided Fiber PTT. Trusted by elite security teams, the N•ear 360 offers 360° situational awareness with unmatched stability and comfort. The PTT provides seamless transmission with integrated microphone and speaker functionalities. Its robust construction ensures reliability, while the tangle-free design enhances usability. Elevate your surveillance operations with this kit, engineered for excellence in communication and comfort.


    • N•ear 360™ Flexo Dynamic Earpiece: 
      • Designed by Denmark's leading in-ear audio experts 
      • Trusted by high-performance security teams globally 
      • Discreet and imperceptible, yet delivers amazing sound quality 
      • Unparalleled 360° situational awareness 
      • Patented bend provides the best in-ear stability 
      • Twists into the ear canal with zero ear fatigue 
      • Stays comfortably in place for extended wear 

    • 2 Wire Braided Fiber PTT: 
      • Separation of microphone and speaker functions onto distinct wires 
      • Avoidance of interference from sharing a single wire for both transmitting and receiving operations 
      • Flexible Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord with a robust 90-pound pull strength 
      • Tangle-free design for hassle-free use 
      • Premium Noise Cancelling Microphone 

Available Connectors: 

  • Harris - HR2, Harris - HR3
  • Kenwood – K
  • Kenwood – K1
  • Motorola Solutions – M, Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M14, Motorola Solutions – M15, Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions - M4, Motorola Solutions - M5
  • Icom - S3B
  • Tait – TA


  • Earpiece Length: 22 in