Earpiece Length Chart

12 Inch
The 12-inch cable emerges as the ideal choice for law enforcement officers who opt not to wear a Molly vest with a single side setup. (Left earpiece, left speaker mic, or right earpiece, right speaker mic. If you prefer a high chest or open chest position for your PTT microphone with a single side setup this is your best option. See the 22 inch option if you are using your PTT on one side and earpiece on the other.

22 Inch
The 22-inch cable stands out as the preferred choice for law enforcement officers who rely on a Molly vest and require additional slack for strategic cable positioning. Tailored to the specific needs of officers wearing Molly vests, this cable length ensures the flexibility necessary for optimal placement of communication devices.

48 Inch
The 48-inch cable emerges as the go-to choice for professionals in broadcasting, offering a generous length for versatile connectivity. Designed with the needs of broadcasters in mind, this cable ensures the freedom to move and connect to devices placed at a distance.