Commander Kit - Dual - Tier 1 - More Details


Unleash unparalleled communication capabilities with our exclusive bundle and save offer, providing up to 15% off on premium N-ear products. Featured in the Commander Kit is the fan-favorites N•ear 360™ Original Dual earpiece, renowned for its exceptional performance. The kit also includes the water-resistant CHOICE™ PTT/Mic. (IP-67) for durability in challenging conditions and the Bluetooth Wireless PTT/Mic. Button for added convenience. 


    • N•ear 360™ Original Dual Earpiece: 
      • Offers superior balanced skull sound 
      • Provides a natural conversation feel in a physical environment 
      • Facilitates holding a conversation while listening to radio communications 
      • Eliminates the need to remove the earpiece during conversations 
      • Promotes long-term hearing health by allowing users to lower the volume 
      • Patented bend over the ear twists into the ear canal with zero ear fatigue 
      • Ensures the earpiece stays comfortably in place 

    • CHOICE™ PTT/mic: 
      • Side PTT (Push-To-Talk) and premium direction microphone on top. 
      • Wireless capable. 
      • Braided Fiber Cloth Line – 90lb pull-strength. 
      • Turns off loudspeaker on the speaker mic when using an earpiece. 
      • SMART MIC. DETECTION technology for automatic detection of a headset microphone. 
      • Switches to the earpiece microphone when a compatible headset is plugged in. 
      • Replaceable Coin Battery (up to 3-year battery life). 
      • IP-67 rated, protected against the events of temporary submersion to 1 meter of water and dust. 

  • CHOICE™ Wireless PTT Button (IP67): 
    • Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Push-To-Talk). 
    • Independent operation from CHOICE™ wired PTT. 
    • Range up to 100m. 
    • 2 years of performance from the removable coin battery, replacing it as needed. 
    • Ideal for steering wheels, handlebars, vest molle straps, belt loops, or guns, etc. 

Available Connectors: 

  • Harris - HR2, Harris - HR3
  • Kenwood – K1
  • Icom - I4
  • Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions – M4, Motorola Solutions – M5, Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M15
  • Sepura - SP2
  • Tait – TA


  • Earpiece Length: 22 in., 48in.