Choice PTT - Tier 2 - More Details


Embracing the CHOICE™ PTT/Mic. facilitates a seamless transition away from traditional speaker mics, introducing a communication setup that is both lighter and more flexible. The CHOICE™ PTT/mic. (Tier 2) has an IP-65 rating and is wireless capable. 


  • Side PTT (Push-To-Talk) and premium direction microphone on top 
  • Braided Fiber Cloth Line – 90lb Pull-Strength 
  • Turns off loudspeaker on the speaker mic when using an earpiece 
  • SMART MIC. DETECTION technology for automatic detection of a headset microphone 
  • Switches to the earpiece microphone when a compatible headset is plugged in 
  • IP-65 rating is dust-tight and resistant against water from any angle. 
  • Replaceable Coin Battery (up to 3-year battery life) 

Available Connectors: 

  • Harris – HR2, Harris – HR3
  • Icom – I4
  • Kenwood – K
  • Kenwood – K1
  • Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M14, Motorola Solutions – M15, Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions – M4, Motorola Solutions – M20
  • Sepura – SP2
  • Tait – TA