Boom Mic Single Ear - 22in. - More Details


Meet the N•ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer™: delivering enhanced audio and unparalleled comfort for dispatch personnel. Paired with the N•ear Boom Mic. Single Ear Earpiece, enjoy crisp audio at any volume. Say hello to seamless communication, without compromise.


  • Ear-specific. 
  • Universal ear housing holds the earpiece solidly in place, even during high-impact activities. 
  • Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord with a 90lb pull-strength. 
  • Simple 1-Wire setup ensures extreme comfort and durability 
  • Comes with S, M, & L premium memory foam ear tips. 
  • Pinch the foam tip, place it in the ear, and it expands to the ear canal for a dedicated sound chamber in audio communications. 
  • IP-67 rated and compatible with Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Push-To-Talk) on various locations such as steering wheels, handlebars, vest molle straps, belt loops, etc.