360 Flexo Dual Earpiece - Protectr Universal Ear Molds - More Details


Explore 360° situational awareness with N•ear Protectr™ Universal Size Ear Molds. Crafted for comfort, these molds offer a secure fit. The N•ear Protectr™ platform allows for easy tech unit changes to meet diverse audio needs. Experience superior balanced skull sound with the N•ear 360™ Dual Ear earpiece, providing a natural conversational feel even in dynamic environments. This innovative design allows seamless communication while staying connected to radio broadcasts without the need to remove the earpiece. Users of the N•ear 360™ dual-ear also benefit from reduced volume levels, promoting long-term hearing health. 


  • Designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts for 2-way radios 
  • Trusted by high-performance security teams globally 
  • Discreet and imperceptible, yet delivers amazing sound quality 
  • Protects while maintaining 360º situational awareness. 
  • Universal ear molds fit perfectly and come with small, medium, and large foam ear tips. 
  • Made from biocompatible and irritation-free Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs), the same material used for artificial body parts. 
  • Change the tech unit at any time by pulling it away from the earmold housing to switch to optional tech unit setups, including communications. 
  • Shooting Multimode Hearing Protection Tech Unit filters 20-30, ANI IPIL certified for impulse noise up to 166dB. 
  • Offers 33 dB of attenuation for optimum protection; requires digital ear impression scan ID for customization. 


  • To Speaker Mics - plug the N•ear 360™ earpiece directly into the audio port of the speaker mic. 
  • To Existing Earpiece Kits - users will require an adapter, refer to the 'Converting Is Easy' chart below. 
  • To Radio - users must select one of the available Push-To-Talk (PTT) options. Options include the Choice™ PTT, as well as traditional or two-wire PTT options. Each PTT comes with a connector tailored for a specific radio model. To specify the required PTT and connector based on the radio model, refer to the available options here.  


  • Length: 12 in., 22 in., 48in. 
  • Connector: 2.5mm, 3.5mm 


  • 1 x N•ear 360 Flexo™ Dual Earpiece 
  • 2 x Universal Ear Molds 
  • 2 x Multi-Mode Shooting / Hearing Filters 
  • 2 x Tech Units 
  • 2 x S, M, and L, Foam Ear Tips (6 tips total) 
  • 1 x Shirt Clip 
  • 1 x End-User Zipper Case