2 Wire PTT - More Details


This system excels in advanced communication with innovative audio separation. It dedicates one wire to the microphone for transmitting functions and another to the speaker for receiving audio signals, minimizing signal degradation, and ensuring superior audio quality. Ideal for discreet setups, it can seamlessly run under clothing, combining efficiency with subtlety. 


  • Separation of microphone and speaker functions onto distinct wires 
  • Avoidance of interference from sharing a single wire for both transmitting and receiving operations 
  • Flexible Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord with a robust 90-pound pull strength 
  • Tangle-free design for hassle-free use 
  • Premium Noise Cancelling Microphone 

Available Connectors: 

  • Harris - HR2, Harris - HR3
  • Kenwood – K
  • Kenwood – K1
  • Motorola Solutions – M, Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M14, Motorola Solutions – M15, Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions - M4, Motorola Solutions - M5
  • Icom - S3B
  • Tait – TA