1 Wire PTT - More Details


A straightforward and efficient solution for communication needs where simplicity is the priority. The microphone and speaker functionalities operate on the same wire, and the system employs a button on the device to seamlessly transmit and receive. 


  • Microphone and speaker functionalities integrated on the same wire 
  • Utilization of a device button for seamless transmission and reception 
  • Flexible Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord with a robust 90-pound pull strength 
  • Tangle-free design for hassle-free use 

Available Connectors: 

  • Harris - HR2, Harris - HR3
  • Kenwood – K
  • Kenwood – K1
  • Motorola Solutions – M, Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M14, Motorola Solutions – M15, Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions - M20
  • Tait – TA