At last, a comfortable headset built for the needs of 911 dispatchers

N-ear’s 360 earpieces are the gold standard for discreet, lightweight, and fatigue-reducing in-ear communications. This is due to N-ear’s patented micro-speakers, whose compact design allows them to be securely deployed within ear canals, thus providing hours of irritation-free extended wear time. They are connected using ultra-thin audio cables shielded by 220-strand Kevlar Fiber, which are as stealthy as they are lightweight.

Historically, N-ear earpieces have been worn by military and public safety officers in the field. However, they can deliver many benefits to 911 dispatchers when combined with the new behind-the-head N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer unit. As a team, this earpiece and boom microphone can help 911 dispatchers hear and respond to callers clearly in a noisy, hectic working environment using a system that performs well, is durable and can be worn throughout long shifts without discomfort or fatigue.

Worth knowing: The product combination has been engineered by N-ear in direct response to feedback from dispatchers who expressed interest in a dedicated solution, and who have seen how much their in-the-field co-workers like wearing N-ear 360 earpieces. By tailoring the N-ear 360 Earpiece and New N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer combination to meet the unique needs of dispatchers, N-ear is acknowledging and resolving specific challenges faced by this crucial group within dispatch operations.

Here are the key features that make the N-ear 360 earpiece and Boom Mic. Stabilizer, such an excellent combination for 911 dispatchers.

Comfortable to Wear

Compared to a conventional over-the-head design, the N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer’s behind-the-head mounting system delivers superior comfort, even after being worn for hours on end. In fact, the N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer is so comfortable that some dispatchers forget they’re wearing it! This is an important benefit that we will dig into more below.


The N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer can be directly attached to any N-ear 360 earpiece, allowing dispatchers to choose the earpieces that suit them best. It can be worn on either the left or right side of the head, accommodating all dispatcher preferences. Users can also choose between a single or dual N-ear 360 earpiece configuration, depending on what works best for them and their office environment.


The N-ear 360 Earpiece is recognized for having superior audio quality and clarity. The same is true for the audio pickup system in the N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer. Put together, the result is an audio pickup system that is as easy to listen to and use as it is to wear.


The N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer exists in a world of many different dispatch Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications systems. This is why its PTT connectors have been designed to be compatible with the most popular makes and models. Wireless PTT options are also available for the N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer, providing true flexibility for working with various communication setups.


N-ear’s 6-foot braided fiber cloth cord comes with two connectors that simplify the connection process. The first connector links to the quick disconnect dispatch system. The second connector goes to a female 3.5 mm port for attaching the chosen earpiece. This approach is fast, simple and it works.


As mentioned above, behind-the-head headsets typically offer a more comfortable wearing experience as they don’t press down on the top of the head. This can be especially useful during extended use, because the lack of such pressure reduces discomfort and fatigue.

However, behind-the-head headsets have many other advantages when compared to their over-the-head cousins. They include the following:

  • Hair-friendly design. Behind-the-head headsets are less likely to mess up hairstyles, making them an ideal choice for individuals who want to maintain a polished appearance. The absence of a headband over the crown of the head helps to preserve hairstyles.
  • Lightweight and low profile. Behind-the-head headsets have a lightweight and low-profile design, which contributes to a sleek and unobtrusive look for their wearers. This can be particularly welcome for those dispatchers who prefer a more discreet and minimalistic headset style.
  • Stability during movement. The behind-the-head design stays stable during physical activities or movement, which ensures that the headset stays securely in place.
  • Cooler to wear. Without a headband pressing against the top of the head, the wearer is less likely to become overheated while using a behind-the-head headset. This maximizes their comfort level on the job, keeping them fresher and more alert throughout their shifts.


The N-ear 360 family of earpieces and the N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer are ideal choices for 911 dispatchers and the supervisors who are about them. At a time when public safety employees are under more stress than ever, implementing a solution like this that makes life more comfortable for 911 dispatchers is a smart, practical and compassionate choice.

The N-ear 360 Earpiece and new N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer effectively addresses the main challenges related to audio quality, comfort, dispatcher feedback integration, earpiece versatility, and ease of integration with existing dispatch systems. It is a convenient, unique solution tailored to the unique communication needs of dispatch personnel.

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