Adding Extra Durability to a Comfortable 24/7 Audio Earpiece

Braided fiber cloth provides extra protection for super-thin cabling that provides discreet comfort along with clear communications.


Public safety and security professionals who count on their audio earpieces should consider N-ear earpieces. The reason is a winning combination of comfort, performance and stealth.

Unlike conventional air tube earpieces that become difficult to wear over time, N-ear earpieces’ patented, super small and lightweight micro speakers fit comfortably inside the wearers’ ear canals for hours at a time. Yet the audio quality of N-ear earpieces is superior to air tube earpieces, while their super-thin audio cables encased inside 220-strand Kevlar fiber coatings are nearly invisible to the human eye. The result is a win-win-win for wearers, public safety/security agencies and their clients.

This being said, some N-ear earpiece wearers are more comfortable having the section of cable that travels below the neckline being made of heavier materials. This is why N-ear offers braided fiber cloth cabling on a select number of its communications products. They include:

Why Braided Fiber Cloth?

N-ear’s decision to offer its earpieces with original super-thin and braided fiber cloth cabling is a matter of providing customers with options.

For those customers who like the feel and heft of heavier fabric-wrapped cables, braided fiber cloth is a natural choice. “It is made of a nylon synthetic material that protects a resin-coated wire underneath,” says N-ear CEO Mark Engel. “Being made of nylon, this fabric doesn’t hold water and doesn’t fray easily, even when cut.”

Because they are sheathed in fabric, braided fiber cloth cables tend to lie flatter and with less tension than resin-only cables. This flexibility makes it easier to weave a N-ear earpiece braided fiber cloth cable through the various straps found on protective vests and other police/military garments.

At the same time, the thickness and toughness of braided cloth fiber cables provides them with enhanced durability in hostile clothing environments.

“I saw one particular case where somebody had a brand-new vest on and the Velcro up at the top on its straps was made of very hard plastic,” Engel says. “When you weave a resin-coated cable through this kind of abrasive plastic, it can wear the cable’s coating down quickly. But a braided fiber cloth cable can stand up to this friction, day in and day out.”

One further bonus to braided fiber cloth cabling: Compared to resin-coated cables, it is soft against the skin. This matters when the cabling is being worn continuously during a 12-hour shift, and during emergencies when the workday doesn’t end until matters are back under control.

No compromises on quality

As mentioned, N-ear earpieces are renowned for their small, lightweight and discreet size. Again, this capability is based on N-ear’s use of super-small components and very thin cables.

Choosing N-ear earpieces equipped with braided fiber cloth cabling does not compromise these advantages in any way. This is because the connection between the thin cable worn above the neckline and the braided fiber cloth cabling below is encased in a tough transition case.

The result: In the area below the neckline when friction, motion and stress can occur, the cable is protected by braided fiber cloth. In the area above, super-thin cabling and a super-small earpiece (or two) help to keep this communication tool off the radar of bystanders and others.

“Whatever N-ear earpiece you choose, you can count on getting the audio performance you need to do the job right,” Engels concluded. “The point is that, thanks to braided fiber cloth cabling, you do have a choice.”

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