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We get some truly amazing testimonials.  Many of the 5 Star testimonials are under each product in our online store.   Below are testimonials that we wanted to share that stand out.

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Air Interdiction Agent



N-ear is very proud to have FDLE ordering the N-ear 360.  FDLE agents Love N-ear

N-ear is currently being worn by thousands of Florida Law Enforcement officials, however, it was really nice to deliver them to the Tampa FDLE right around the corner from our home office in Tampa.

Photo of Josh  Josi our N-ear Fulfilment Manager taking time to personally deliver this order.

Tampa, FL     |    FDLE Tampa HQ.      |     10/12/23


Air Interdiction Agent



Photo of Agent Who Wrote the below:

Initial comment: There is no better commercial for N-ear than NY agents wearing your product en masse,  especially with UNGA coming up!

In terms of review:

In comparison to the ages-old traditional earpiece, the N-ear is obviously not even in the same category as its competition. The transmissions are crisp and clear. The earpiece stays in place, without exiting the ear canal, as the agent moves about a bit ( getting in our vehicles, wearing other equipment); there is no longer an ever-detrimental “ear fatigue”.  Now I forget the piece is still being worn.

Of note – no longer is there an “underwater” muffled outside conversation, which is crucial to our mission.  With N-ear worn – no surrounding noise is diminished keeping an agent “ in the game”.

NY, NY     |    Agent Gene.      |     11/11/22

Air Interdiction Agent

Hurricane Ian – Sheriff’s Office 


Whatever you need is just a phone call away.

Last month, my agency and the local community took a catastrophic hit due to Hurricane Ian. While executing relief efforts, my push-to-talk mic was damaged in the process. I spoke to multiple representatives with N-ear who not only replaced my damaged unit IMMEDIATELY, but the extremely supportive staff went above and beyond and provided my agency with numerous products all of which were dispersed to troops in the field.

N-ear already provides a solid product for our nature of work, but the quick responses and understanding I received were able to shed some light on an already tuff situation.

These products DRASTICALLY outweigh any competition in the market. N-ear cares and has earned my business and recommendations for life. Please let this review speak for itself, if you are on the fence about purchasing, don’t be. You will not regret it.

 Sheriff’s Office in Florida    |     Anonymous      |     10/24/22

Air Interdiction Agent


The Morrison Center for Performing Arts Center at Boise State University

Many clients outside of law enforcement use N•ear.

“We love N-ear earpieces so much that we ordered them for our entire production team as well as for the Morrison Center Security Team.”

Velma V. Morrison Center for Performing Arts Boise State University   |     Jessica M.      |     11/02/22

Air Interdiction Agent

My need for an earpiece also extends into my role as a DEA Task Force Officer (TFO).  While performing my duties as a DEA TFO, I routinely conduct mounted/dismounted surveillance or serve search/arrest warrants. In both of these operations, a reliable earpiece for communications is critical.  I found N-ear while looking for something that I could rely on while in the field. I was able to try out the N-ear 360 earpiece, the APX-8000 PTT, and the remote PTT.  I have put it through the test in all types of operations, and it has performed excellently.

The N•ear 360 earpiece is very comfortable; I often forget it’s in my ear until a transmission comes through. With the interchangeable tips, you can adjust for size and desired noise canceling. With the open ear tip, there is no loss in situational awareness that many earpieces cause by blocking hearing from one ear.  If the earpiece is needed while flying or in a loud environment, the solid ear tip blocks out most background noise in the noisiest environments.  This earpiece has yet to come out of my ear on accident. It is also a very low signature and allows the user to use it in plain clothes very well.

The APX-8000 PTT and adapter works seamlessly with our radios, offers a 3.5 mm connection for the earpiece, and is nice and small. It does not bounce around back and forth like the large lapel mic. The CHOICE Waterproof PTT is easy to find even in the dark but does not inadvertently hot mic.

I was also surprised by how much use I found in the Wireless PTT. It can be strapped on a rifle to allow the user to transmit without removing a hand from the long arm, or it can be used as a wristwatch to allow easy PTT. The CHOICE system uses Bluetooth to PTT but does not transfer any voice data over the Bluetooth and is much more secure than the Motorola devices.

Thank you,


Air Interdiction Agent


Air Interdiction Agent

I have 30 years of government service and have worn multiple headsets and earpieces over the years. In the past 7 years, executive protection and low visibility operations have been my day-to-day grind. I have spent the better part of that time attempting to find the best earpiece for the job.

I have used multiple company audio platforms from tactical bones, Bluetooth, and medically fitted earpieces with PTT’s, and I don’t know how many two and three-wire platforms. After one of my guys found the N•Ear 360, all of that changed.

1. Freedom of Movement

When you have that thick, clear colorless tube in your ear, you stand out. The flesh-toned design of the N•Ear allows you to beat first glance, and to blend into your environment. This allows for passive security when being the bull in the china shop doesn’t work.

2. Sound Quality

The advantage the N•Ear headset has over traditional wires is its clarity. The Double Flange Ear Tip fits perfectly into the canal, allowing for crisp quality sound without turning the volume to max. This also enables you to hear your surroundings as the flange still gives access to audible sounds from the outside. No more one side muffled. It’s in the details, sound quality matters.

3. Customer Service

From day one, I have had nothing but a great experience. I have called, email and text only to received prompt service every time. These contacts were not for issues; they were because other CPO’s wanted to know where we got our equipment, and I would say…” I’ll put you in contact”, that was it! Happy CPO’s = higher quality work = happy clients. It’s a cycle that benefits everybody.

4. Recommended N-Ear for Security Personnel

Whether you’re a gear or gadget guy or just continuing to search for that perfect set of wires, N•Ear will undoubtedly satisfy. I have had other models break due to some CPO’s being rough, regularly replacing, but these earpieces stand up to the test. Their SnapLock, small replacement parts, and cleaning kit make this device perfect for any operational team.

Founder & CEO

Gray Ghost Solutions

Houston, TX

Air Interdiction Agent


I was very hesitant about purchasing the N•ear 360 due to the price.  However, after speaking with my fellow officers and other deputies, I couldn’t at least give it a shot due to being extremely frustrated with the previous earpiece I had.


After ordering the N•ear 360, arrived in the next couple of days and I have utilized it for several shifts now (12hr shifts).  This is life-changing if you currently wear a tubed earpiece.   I can not tell in any way that I have the N•ear 360 in.  The N•ear 360 doesn’t muffle sound like my other one did, it doesn’t pop out when you turn your head in any direction, and like I said, above everything else, you still can’t tell it’s in when you move your head.


The audio is very good and makes radio traffic sound 10x better than a regular cheap tubed earpiece.  Sorry for the long-winded review, but I can’t say enough about the N•ear 360 and have recommended it to several people that have already or will be buying one soon.

If the price is the only thing that has you on the fence, do it, it’s very much worth it.  I think it should also be noted that this is one of the only reviews I’ve ever given.

Deputy C. Magel #37

Air Interdiction Agent


Reply to @twistedmoose N-Ear review #copsoftiktok #ladycop #review

♬ original sound – Lala

Duputy review on TikTok:

I recently purchased the N•Ear 360 single 22” earpiece after this product was highly recommended by a deputy on TikTok. This earpiece is likely the single best purchase I’ve made for work in my career. The sound quality is excellent and the fact that it does not seal off the ear and restrict ambient sound as so many earpieces do is a huge plus. If it wasn’t for @cow.cuddling.cop on TikTok endorsing this product, I never would have heard about it and would not have purchased it.