N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic™ Braided Fiber Cloth™ Single Ear Earpiece


Now the N•ear 360™ Original in 22″ and 48″ comes connected directly to our Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord that is better suited for multiple vest configurations.  Go ahead and put the Braided Fiber Cloth cord between your velcro vest straps, it can take it.  The  Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord lays comfortably onto any clothing and stays tangle free.

The N•ear 360™ earpiece is designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts to be the most comfortable, covert, and best-sounding earpiece for 2-way radios. The N•ear 360™ is trusted by high-performance security teams around the world.  You can’t see it and you can’t feel it, yet the sound quality is amazing.  When we say you can’t feel it, we mean it, literally.  All while providing 360º situational awareness.

The N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic™ launched in July 2022 and is the successor to the N•ear 360 Flexo™.  The 360 Flexo™ patented bend over the ear twists into the ear canal with zero ear fatigue and stays comfortably in place.  The N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic™ holds 4 patents and delivers the most advanced Dynamic Micro-Speaker in the world.  The New Dynamic Micro Speaker delivers a full sound of crystal-clear communications. The Dynamic Cone Speaker is more cost-effective than an Armature Speaker and produces slightly more base.  The N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic™ Single is designed to be worn in either the left or right ear.  Designed for voice communications with the sophistication to handle smartphones and push-to-talk applications. The comfort is amazing and the audio lets you hear every single word crystal clear.


The N•ear 360 Flexo™ can be used in the following ways:

  • Connecting to Speaker Mics – Simply plug in your N•ear 360™ earpiece directly into your speaker mic. audio port.
  • Connecting to Existing Earpiece Kits – To connect the N•ear 360™ 3.5mm to an existing earpiece kit, you will need to have an adaptor (part # AD-AT-3.5).  See the “Converting Is Easy” page.
  • Connecting to Radio –To connect your N•ear 360™ earpiece to a radio, you’ll need to choose one of our Push-To-Talk (PTT) options.  We have our New Choice™ PTT or you can choose from a Traditional one or two-wire PTT.  Each PTT will have a connector that fits your radio specifically and you simply tell us what PTT/connector you need based on the radio model you have. See PTT Options



  • 1 x N•ear 360 Flexo Dynamic™ Braided Fiber Cloth™ Earpiece
  • 1 x Shirt Clip
  • 1 x Small Open Ear Tip
  • 1 x Round Ear Tip
  • 8 x Ear Wax Filters
  • 1 x End-User Zipper Case
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Earpiece Length

12 Inches Long, 22 Inches Long, 48 Inches Long

Radio Connector

2.5mm Right Angle Pin, 3.5mm Right Angle Pin