N-ear Protectr™ Universal Ear Molds (pair) with Multimode Shooting Mode Filters


Universal Size Ear Molds

Be protected while keeping 360º situational hearing awareness.   Our Universal Size Ear Molds are an inexpensive platform that is super comfortable and fits naturally in your ears.  The ear fin holds the Universal Ear Mold perfectly into place. Made from biocompatible irritation-free Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs).  The same material is used for artificial body parts.

The N-ear Protectr™ platform allows you to change the tech unit at any time to fit multiple types of audio requirements.  Simply pull the tech unit away from the earmold housing to change to optional tech unit setups including communications.

Shooting Hearing Protection Tech Unit

Our Shooting Multimode Hearing Protection filters 20-30 tech unit filter is ANI IPIL certified for impulse noise up to 166dB where it provides 33 dB of attenuation, ensuring optimum protection from the highest levels of impulse sound.

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