N-EAR 360 Single Ear Wireless Waterproof CHOICE PTT/Mic. Kit


• N-ear 360 Single Earpiece
• N-ear CHOICE Waterproof Wireless PTT/Mic.
• N-ear CHOICE Waterproof Wireless PTT

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This N-ear 360 Singe Ear, Water Proof (IP67) and Wireless CHOICE PTT/Mic and Wireless PTT is our bundle kit to make it simple to order and saves you 15% off our normal price.

The N-ear 360 earpiece is designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts to be the most comfortable, covert, and best-sounding earpiece for 2-way radios. The N-ear 360 is trusted by high-performance security teams around the world.

The “CHOICE” Waterproof (IP67) PTT/mic. allows for easy connect and disconnect from your N-ear 360 to your communications. The CHOICE Waterproof PTT/mic has a side PTT and a premium direction mic on the top and has a “Braided Fiber Cloth” cord going to your radio. Each radio has a different connector, and you’ll tell us what model of radio you need when ordering.  The CHOICE Waterproof PTT/Mic also has a second PTT that is a Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Sold Separately). This is perfect for using the Wireless PTT on a steering wheel, handlebars, vest molly’s, belt loops, guns, or anywhere else you that is useful.

SMART MIC. DETECTION – This CHOICE Waterproof PTT has technology in it that can detect a microphone if it is in the earpiece that your plugging into the 3.5mm port.  When detecting an earpiece with a microphone in it, it will switch from the PTT mic. to the mic. on the earpiece.

The Braided Fiber Cloth Series is reinforced, comfortable, and durable with a 90lb pull-strength and a simple 1-Wire setup. The CHOICE system can work with most 3.5mm connector earpieces.

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