1 Wire Waterproof CHOICE™ PTT/Mic. (Tier 1)w/ Smart Mic. Detection, 3.5mm Audio Port & Wireless PTT Capable



The CHOICE™ Waterproof PTT/mic (Tier 1) has a 3.5 audio port and will work with most earpieces including the N•ear 360. Have different audio requirements for different people and jobs? The CHOICE™ PTT/mic. is perfect for this application. The CHOICE™ PTT/mic has a side PTT and a premium direction mic on the top and has a “Braided Fiber Cloth” cord going to your radio. The CHOICE™ PTT/Mic also has the ability to use a second PTT that is a Bluetooth Wireless PTT. This is perfect for using the Wireless PTT on a steering wheel, handlebars, vest molle straps, belt loops, or guns.

SMART MIC. DETECTION – This CHOICE Waterproof PTT has Smart Mic. Detection technology.  This allows users to plug in any 3.5mm earpiece and if it has a mic. in the earpiece, the CHOICE will automatically detect and switch from the CHOICE Mic. to the mic being plugged in.  This is very nice for users that need a boom mic. as the primary mic. in high noise or windy conditions.


  •  3.5mm Audio Port for use with any 3.5mm earpiece
  •  Braided Fiber Cloth Line – 90lb Pull-Strength
  •  Replaceable Coin Battery (CR 2032)(Up to 3-year battery life)
  •  Wireless PTT 2.4 GHz BLE (Sold Separately)
  •  Connectors for Most Radios
  •  Two-Year Warranty

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