1-Wire SnapLock Bottom PTT/MIC. Earpiece Base



The SnapLock™ system makes it safe and easy to connect and disconnect the earpiece from the PTT/mic. It’s a perfect solution for multi-shift teams that share radios.  When changing shifts, leave SnapLock PTT/mic. with the radio, while the earpiece goes with the employee.  This provides a hygienic solution to employee usage. A high-quality speech-tuned microphone provides crystal clear communication with a premium level Braided Fiber Cloth™ cable that lays comfortably like cloth.  This is the finest Braided Fiber Cloth™ in the industry and will last for years.

1 Wire PTT / SnapLock System

• Braided Fiber Cloth Cord 90 Pound pull-strength
• Cloth comfort – lays tangle-free
• Enhanced RF shielded microphone
• Connectors to support multiple radio models

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Radio Connector

EF Johnson – K1, EF Johnson – M3, Harris – HR2, Harris – HR3, Hytera – H4, Hytera – H6, Hytera – H7, Kenwood – K, Kenwood – K1, Motorola Solutions – M, Motorola Solutions – M12, Motorola Solutions – M14, Motorola Solutions – M15, Motorola Solutions – M3, Motorola Solutions – M4, Motorola Solutions – M5, Sepura – SP2