N-ear working with Broward County, FL Sheriff’s SWAT Team   “We love N-ear”

Broward County, FL

Sergeant Chris Hickox & Team

law enforcement agencies around the world trust n-ear


The N-ear 360 is the most covert earpiece on the market. The unique patented design bends the wire close to the head to give a discreet, comfortable and secure fit.

The N-ear 360 has proven to be an essential tool in critical communication and is trusted by high-performance security and law enforcement teams around the world.



  • Optimum comfort with no ear fatigue Designed to wear all day
  • Discreteness Almost invisible design
  • Retain situational awareness
  • Unique audio signature Patended micro speaker technology
  • Secure fit Patended cable fit
  • High durability 220 strands of Kevlar in each cord
  • Also available in a DUAL version (both ears) For even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience
  • 120-Day 100% Guarantee Program

N-ear 360 with 3.5mm or 2.5mm connector

The N-ear 360 is available with a 3.5mm or a 2.5mm connector.  With this basic setup, you can customize your N-ear 360 in the following ways:

Connecting to Speaker Mics – Simply check your existing speaker mic to see if it has a 3.5mm or 2.5mm audio port and simply plug right in.

Connecting to Existing Earpiece Kits – To connect the N-ear 360 3.5mm to an existing earpiece kit, you will need to have an adaptor (part # AD-AT-3.5).  See the “Converting Is Easy” graphic below.

Connecting to Radio – To connect your N-ear 360 3.5mm to a radio, you’ll need to have the Choice PTT/mic.  Simply plug your 360 into the Choice PTT/mic. and then connect to your radio.  At the time of ordering your Choice PTT/mic. you will tell us the radio model you are trying to connect to.  See the “Wireless PTT” graphic below.

Single EARPIECE (Left or Right)

N•ear 360 mono is a premium replacement of the coiled tube. Designed for those who demand the best!  It’s perfect for remote speakers and PTT/mic systems, and you’ll no longer experience any ear fatigue. The unique cable quality is as good as it gets, and the secure perfect fit ensures that you can focus 100% on the task.


DUAL-mono is the ultimate earpiece for 2-way radios. Having a DUAL earpiece makes a huge difference in your ability to hear the radio, and still have 100% situational awareness, optimum comfort, and a secure fit.

We have assessed all available earpieces on the market and tested each. The N-ear 360 was the best by far in our field testing.”

DK Kelly

Staff Sargent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.


Premium ear tips with different forms, functions, and sizes:


  • Open Tips – Full Ambiance – Full Situational Awareness
  • Tulip Tips- Medium Ambiance – Medium Situational Awareness
  • Double Flange Tips – Low Ambiance – More Radio Sound Less Situational Awareness