About Us

The N•ear™ brand, our products, and our team is dedicated to bringing premium audio pieces to the two-way radio and the pro audio industry.

Influenced by European design and quality, our mission is that our brand and our service is synonymous with the highest quality and service.



We improve critical and business communication with advanced micro speaker technology and comfort that is so good that you literally can’t tell you’re wearing anything at all.



Our team has years of experience in the pro audio and accessory business.   We work with suppliers on a global level to bring the very best products fWe invent and create high quality ear pieces and other accessories for two-way radios.



The men and women that wear our earpieces are at the highest levels of local, state, government, and professional industry.  By bringing the very best technology to them they are able to perform their duties at the levels possible.

•™USA Based & USA Assembled as of 2019

N•ear launched in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018.  Due to the demand from the United States, N-ear™ quickly made strategic moves to relocate the company to the United States as of 2019.

The N•ear 360™ is completely assembled in the United States and all shipments are processed from our Tampa, Florida corporate office.



A commitment to excellence

Inspired by perfection and the customer experience the N-ear 360™ has been developed by premium engineers leading audiological researchers and in-ear specialists.

Equal to the engineering, the N-ear team is dedicated to our customers and the entire experience with N-ear™.  Customer service is at the heart of N-ear™.  After working with N-ear™, you’ll understand why we plan on working with our clients for years to come.