About Us

We design simple high-tech products, that meet the needs of our customers, and provide top quality sound and great wearing comfort.

Our mission is to set a new high standard for 2-way radio accessories.



We improve critical communication.



We invent and create high quality ear pieces and other accessories for two-way radios.



We’re intrigued by designing simple high quality products, that can help people who protects people to focus solely on their task.

A strong partnership is very important to us. We worked together for 9 years before we founded N•ear, and our partnership is based don credibilty, dedication and professionalism.

Mads Stærke

Founding Partner, N•ear

We believe that creating a great cummunication experience requires quality products and insight in the essential need of the customer.

Jesper Martini

Founding Partner, N•ear

A commitment to excellence

Inspired by perfection and the customer experience the N-ear 360 has been developed by premium engineers leading audiological researchers and in-ear specialists from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Equal to the engineering, the N-ear team is dedicated to our customers and the entire experience with N-ear.  Customer service is at the heart of N-ear.  After working with N-ear, you’ll understand why we plan on working with our clients for years to come.


USA Based & USA Assembled as of 2019

N-ear launched in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018.  Due to the demand from the United States, N-ear quickly made strategic moves to relocate the company to the United States as of 2019.

The N-ear 360 is completely assembled in the United States and all shipments are processed from our Tampa, Florida corporate office.